Psychological Counseling

In cooperation with the Hilfswerk Niederösterreich


The pandemic or the war in Ukraine, studying in a foreign country, decisions about education or balancing family, career and further education and much more can become a challenge and a burden and subsequently lead to psychological problems.  


Therefore, in cooperation with the HILFSWERK NIEDERÖSTERREICH, we have launched a new project to promote mental health for students at the University of Continuing Education Krems. The ÖH-DUK takes over the costs for a psychological counseling interview for students in difficult life situations! 

More about the PROCESS here.

Hilfswerk Krems:

  • one of the largest Austrian providers of social services
  • very close by
  • Consultation in GERMAN or ENGLISH

Requirements for receiving free psychological counseling:

  • Upright study at the University of Continuing Education Krems
  • Consent by signature that you agree that your first and sur name as well as matriculation number being listend in the monthly stat.  
  • Signing of a confirmation of appointment after having used a psychological counseling (obligation of confidentiality)

If more than one counseling session is necessary, it is possible to apply for the approval of additional psychological counseling units at the ÖH-DUK.
The granting of further counseling units will be decided by the ÖH-DUK on a case-by-case basis. There is no legal claim.

If YOU are in a difficult life situation and need HELP,
please contact the ÖH-DUK-OFFICE for further information.


We want to support YOU so that YOU and YOUR studies stay in BALANCE!

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