Every student is insured by the ÖH!

As a member of the Austrian Students' Union you are automatically insured with the Generali Insurance Group!

For only EUR 70 cents per person per term, no retention. The fee is already included in your Students' Union fee.
Every student is an obligatory member of the ÖH. The ÖH fee for the current academic year is EUR 21,20 per student.

Policy number of the collective accident insurance (Kollektivunfallversicherung): 000 1809 6819 
Policy number of the collective liability insurance (Kollektivhaftpflichtversicherung): 000 1810 4297 


Download insurance documents:

» Schadenmeldung Haftpflicht (damage report liability insurance)
» Schadenmeldung Unfall (damage report accident insurance)


Insurance sums:

» For third party and property damages the coverage is 1.000.000 EUR.
» For the accident insurance, coverage is 7.500 EUR for costs directly resulting from the accident, 50.000 EUR for per manent disability and 15.000 EUR for death by accident.
» Reimbursement of 50% of your tuition fee if you have to spend more than three weeks in hospital.



» Find your local contact: david.stundner@generali.com, 0676/ 8253 3037
» Please submit your damage report to: oeh-versicherung.at@generali.com
» For questions regarding the students insurance: studierendenversicherung@oeh.ac.at
» Info-Hotline of Generali Insurance: 080 0204 4400


For further information pleas call the Generali Insurance`s hotline 0800 204 4400 or go to www.oeh.ac.at/versicherung!